Tracy Hall

Prof. Tracy Hall MSc PhD (Brunel University London, England)

Presentation: Building ‘Good’ Defect Prediction Models

Abstract:  Defect prediction should be a useful tool for industry. However, there are many ways in which the performance of defect prediction models can be compromised. It is very easy to build defect prediction models that are not reliable and not useful to industry. This talk will go through the essential components of building high quality defect prediction models that are useful to practitioners. The talk will cover: the experimental set-up, the quality of the training data, the suitability of the analysis methods used, the selection of performance measures and the interpretation of results as well as the delivery of defect prediction to practitioners.

Biography:  Tracy Hall is Professor of Software Engineering at Brunel University London. She is currently Head of the Computer Science Department. Over many years she has conducted many empirical software engineering studies with a variety of industrial collaborators. Her current research focuses on software defect prediction and the human aspects of software engineering. She has published over 100 international peer reviewed journal and conference papers and has been Principal Investigator on a variety of UK Research Council funded research projects. Professor Hall is an Associate Editor of the Information Software Technology Journal and the Software Quality Journal. She is also a long standing member of many international conference programme committees.