Research Papers

We invite authors to submit papers reporting unpublished research results in the KKIO’s research categories. The papers ought to justify the claim of novelty with proper references to the literature, with a clear description of the previous work and proper explanation of the novelty of proposed ideas. The results ought to be explained and validated with means such as examples, case studies, formal models and/or proofs, experiments, simulations, when appropriate. We invite also papers concerning novel, but well defined, research ideas and approaches that are at an early stage of investigation. These ideas do not have to be fully validated, however their novelty should be well documented by references to literature documenting the already known research achievements.

The submission should not exceed 14 pages in the SCI format (Studies in Computational Intelligence).

Applications papers

We seek papers concerning applications of research ideas in practice and the application of innovative techniques, methods and tools to industrial case studies. The papers ought to provide a realistic and verifiable picture of the current state-of-the-art in software engineering, describe the context of a practical application and include proper references to the literature. It ought to explain also why the proposed solution is innovative, what may the industrial impact be and provide an explanation of the methodology used.
The submission should not exceed 14 pages in the SCI format (Studies in Computational Intelligence).

Education papers

We invite also submissions on topics concerning software engineering education. These papers ought to describe clearly a novel approach to teaching and the underlying methodology. Novelty of such an approach should be justified with proper citations of the existing literature and must be validated using a well defined method. The submission should not exceed 14 pages in the SCI format SCI (Studies in Computational Intelligence).

Special Session/Workshop Proposal

Please submit your Special Session/Workshop Proposal to Mirosław Ochodek using the proposal submission form.

Discussion Panel Proposal

Please submit your Discussion Panel Proposal to until the 31 May 2017 using the proposal submission form.

Training/Business Workshop Proposal

Please submit your Training/Business Workshop Proposal to  until the 30 May 2016 using the proposal submission form.

Other Requirements

All submissions must be unpublished, original and not submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors should strive to quote the relevant papers published in the KKIO proceedings (see

In exceptional and well motivated cases, the PC Chairs may grant an extension to the page limit.
Contributions from more applied related fields in industry and commerce are very welcome.
All accepted papers must be presented by one of the authors – the early registration is mandatory.

Paper Preparation (Springer)

Language: English
Format: Book manuscript guidelines (download Manuscript preparation; Layout & templates)
Springer provides templates for LaTeX users that help structure the manuscript: download
We recommend the LaTeX template. However, Springer provides templates for
Word users as well: download

Length: up to 14 pages
Consent to publish/copyright form:  Springer
Extra page: 100$

Paper Preparation (Polish Editors)

Language: English/Polish
Format: LaTeX and Word
Length: up to 14 pages
COPYRIGHT: Please upload a signed and completed copyright form to EasyChair system as soon as possible:   Word i PDF.
You can scan the form into PDF or any other standard image format.

Paper Submission

Each paper is to be submitted electronically as a single PDF file through EasyChair at