From Use Case Models to Working Prototypes: Model-Driven Requirements Engineering in Action

Presenter: Michal Smialek, Warsaw University of Technology

Software project managers dream of technologies that would allow to turn requirements specifications instantly into working code. Model Driven Requirements Engineering does not promise miracles but it offers an approach to shorten this path significantly. Its promise is associated with the ability to define requirements in a rigorous, model-driven way and
then automatically generate detailed design models including operational code. In this tutorial we will show how to use this approach to quickly obtain working prototypes from requirements formulated through use case models combined with conceptual domain models. We
will demonstrate how to write use case scenarios that are understandable by business experts in a wide range of domains and at the same time precise enough for automatic prototype generation. This will be done in the context of the Requirements Specification Language (RSL) that offers all the necessary requirements modelling constructs. We will also demonstrate and conduct a case study example using a novel tool (ReDSeeDS,
www.redseeds.eu) that allows for specifying RSL-based models and then transforming them automatically into fully dynamic prototypes with application logic and user interface elements. During the presentation we will often refer to materials found in the book “From Requirements to Java in a Snap”.