Topic 3: Automating software engineering

Chair: Michał Śmiałek (PW)

Development of contemporary software systems is a complex enterprise and only through the use of automated approaches can it be done in an economic and timely manner. The ultimate goal is to fully automate the activities that do not involve human invention. This includes various techniques for constructing and transforming software artifacts and supporting software processes with tools. Automated software engineering pertains to all disciplines of software engineering, from requirements engineering, through design and implementation, to testing and deployment. Within this wide area of research we accept papers covering (but not limited to) the following subtopics:

  • Tools and environments to support software engineering
  • Artificial intelligence techniques applied to software engineering
  • Software languages and software development environments
  • Domain-specific software development
  • Low-code and no-code software development
  • Code generation and model transformation
  • Reverse engineering and program understanding
  • Group and team work in software engineering
  • DevOps and software lifecycle automation
  • Software reuse and adaptation
  • User-centric software development
  • Software quality and metrics.