Title: Low-code development of computation applications
Presenters: Michał Śmiałek and Krzysztof Marek (Warsaw University of Technology)

A practical workshop dedicated to developing low code computation applications within the Baltic Large-Scale Computing Platform (www.balticlsc.eu). After a brief introduction to the BalticLSC Platform, the participants will develop and run their own low code application tasks. Every participant will gain individual remote access to the BalticLSC Prototype Platform (subject to availability) and will be able to perform computations on their own. The only requirement to participate in the workshop is to have a computer with internet access and an up-to-date web browser.


  1. Introduction to the BalticLSC Computation Platform – goals and possible applications
  2. Architecture of the BalticLSC Computation Platform
  3. Introduction to CAL – Low-code visual language
  4. Practical workshop – running an application and managing your data on the Platform
  5. Practical workshop – developing and running a low-code image processing application in CAL
  6. Questions and discussion