Topic 4: Software Engineering for network services and clouds

Chair: Bartosz Walter (PSNC and Poznań University of Technology, Poland)

Networks have become the architectural backbone for many contemporary software systems. Therefore, new technologies, models and applications are rapidly emerging, affecting also the engineering approaches and methods applied to their development. New concepts concerning these subjects, but also their careful and multi-facet evaluation and verification, are significant fields of study for researchers.

This topic is particularly focused on the following areas of research, but other subjects are also welcomed:

  • Methods of development for network-centric application
  • Quality assurance and evaluation
  • Testing network-centric application
  • Architectures of cloud- and network-based applications
  • Services in network environment.

Programme committee:

  • Ivana Golub (Geant)
  • Krzysztof Kurowski (PSNC, Poland)
  • Branko Marovic (University of Belgrade)
  • Marcin Wolski (PSNC, Poland)
  • Jakub Chabik (Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland)