Topic 6: Software engineering for Particle Physics

Chair: Jacek Otwinowski (IFJ PAN)

Co-Chairs: Łukasz Dutka (ACC Cyfronet AGH)

The entire field of particle physics is characterized by formidable information technology challenges. In a few years, the high-luminosity LHC (HL-LHC), for example, will deliver an annual data volume of approximately one exabyte, and the antennas of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) will produce more than 100 terabytes per second on site and virtually online. In parallel, computing intensive simulation jobs will be performed providing a similar amount of data. This Big Data has to be compressed, calibrated and reconstructed which requires dedicated High Performance Computing systems and optimised software solutions. Eventually, both real and simulation data will be distributed around the World and continuously used in user analyses.

We plan to cover the following subjects:

  • modern software frameworks and tools
  • high performance system solutions
  • efficient methods of data reduction
  • particle physics simulation challenges
  • novel methods of Big Data analysis.

Program committee:

  • Mohammad Al-Turany (GSI/FAIR)
  • David Rohr (CERN)
  • Sandro Wenzel (CERN)
  • Giulio Eulisse (CERN)
  • Tomasz Trzciński (WUT)
  • Tomasz Bołd (AGH UST)
  • Wojciech Krzemień (NCBJ)
  • Grzegorz Korcyl (UJ)