Conference Aims and Mission

KKIO is a software engineering conference organized annually by Polish Information Processing Society (PIPS/PTI). Due to uncertainty about the CoViD developments, we plan to organize the forthcoming 23rd edition for the year 2002 online.


There are three main objectives for KKIO 2022. First, we want to provide a forum for presenting recent advances in various areas of software industry, originating from both research and practice. Secondly, we aim to stimulate and facilitate collaboration between academia, industry and public sector, to learn from each other and exchange ideas. Finally, we want to make the conference to be a networking place, where people meet and talk, even in a virtual environment.

We believe that the conference will consolidate the software community and make it even more diversified, to address the recent challenges we all face.

Conference scope and format

KKIO is traditionally embracing all software-related aspects of software activities. As such, the scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • requirements engineering
  • modeling and analysis
  • quality assurance, verification, validation and testing
  • software design and architectures
  • empirism in software engineering
  • processes and process improvement
  • evaluation of new and emerging technologies
  • evalutaion of software engineering tools
  • software maintenance and evolution
  • education for and in software engineering
  • case studies


Conference will have the form of sessions, broadcasted online. Each session will comprise 3-4 presentations. The talk proposals need to be submitted as abstracts and will be evaluated by Programme Committee for their orignality, suitability for the conference and contributions they bring. Accepted talks will be invited for presentation at the conference. The primary language of presentation is English.

There are two main tracks: research and industrial, each of them partitioned into sessions focused on a single topic. Each session will be concluded by a short discussion led by a moderator.


Presenters may want also to submit an original, previously unpublished research or reports, which will support the presentation and will be published. The submitted papers will also undergo regular peer review by 2-3 independent Programme Committee members or invited reviewers, in a single-blind manner. The accepted papers will be published after the conference (Autumn 2022) in a special, Open Access issue of Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences (40 pts MNiE). We also aim to have extended versions of the 1-2 best papers presented at KKIO published as a special issue of an international top-level software engineering journal (Information Software and Technology, 140 pts MNiE).