This year KKIO hosts two keynotes, delivered by valued speakers and widely-recognized speakers in their respective domains.

Dr. Fabio Palomba: Managing Technical Debt in Source Code and Tests: The Road Ahead (in English)
Dr. Palomba holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science. His research focuses on analysis of source code quality and its impact on software maintainability, as well as defect prediction and empirical software engineering. Despite young age, he has become a world expert in that area (h-index=45, according to Google Scholar), publishing his results in the most prominent venues and journals, including International Conference on Software Engineering, International Conference on Software Evolution and Maintenance, Transactions on Software Engineering, Automated Software Engineering, Information and Software Technology, earning several awards for the best paper. He also serves on several Programme Committees on major software engineering conferences and journals. Currently, he works at University of Salerno (IT), and previously was also affiliated to ETH Zurich (CH), TU Eindhoven and TU Delft (NL).
Dr. Jakub Chabik: Granice inżynierii oprogramowania (in Polish)
Dr. Chabik holds MBA and Ph.D. in Management. For over 25 years he has been working on managing the delivery of software-intensive systems in banking, health care and automotive industry. He is a frequent publicist of science and technology monthly magazine “Wiedza i Życie”. He also works as an assistant professor at the Gdansk University of Technology and is a lecturer of software management at the post-graduate study on software engineering at Poznań University of Technology.