Keynote Speakers – Science

Dr Kevin Lano (King’s College London, Great Britain)

Presentation: Can Model-based Development be Agile?

A British scientist, an originator of formal object-oriented techniques, and developer of a combination of UML and formal methods. He was one of the founders of the Precise UML group, who influenced the definition of UML 2.0. His main area of interests include: model-based development and object-oriented specification, formalisation of UML, safety critical systems, reverse-engineering: program transformation approaches, model-driven business process engineering. Kevin Lano is an author of several books, including: UML 2 Semantics and Applications (Editor) (Wiley, 2009), and Model-Driven Development using UML and Java (Cengage, 2009).


Keynote Speakers – Industry

Robert Snijder (CCO Teleena, The Netherlands)

Presentation: New Trends in Global Industrial IT orientation

Abstract: A perfect storm of world wide mega trends is building that will have a profound impact on the way we develop and operate software. The rise of the Circular Economy, Internet of Things, Cognitive Computing and 3D printing are triggering a data explosion of unimaginable proportions. The software industry must reinvent itself to address these challenges. Some almost forgotten techniques from the early days of computing that may come to the rescue will be presented. Rapidly evolving practices at an agile, heavily software based, managed services company are discussed as an example how to navigate this new world.

Rob Snijder, Chief Technical Officer. Rob brings 30+ years of ICT experience to Teleena and has been building mobile services and companies/organisations in many countries since 2000. Turning a strong industry vision into working solutions for customers. Before joining Teleena, Rob held key technical positions at Truphone, United Mobile, Energis and Unisource. Rob has a Masters degree in Psychology and an MBA/MBI from Erasmus University and has (co-)authored a number of (pending) patents.

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Keynote Speakers – Philosophy

Małgorzata Rybak (Family Support Foundation, Poland)

Presentation: Behind the Scenes of Success: Work-Life Balance

Małgorzata Rybak – since 2002 a wife and later a mother of three children. She graduated from English Philology at the University of Wroclaw. Teacher and translator, since 2011 closely cooperating with the the Family Support Foundation (Fundacja Pomoc Rodzinie), which creates and organizes complex workshops, supporting relationships (“Love and Life Programs”/”Programy na Miłość i życie”, based on psychology, anthropology and experience resulting from marriage and family counselling).

She coordinates the work of foreign FamilyCare Centers of the Foundation, and prepares publications and materials for personal development. Małgorzata Rybak is the chief editor of the Foundation’s blog. Together with her husband, as a coach couple they present the workshops of “Love and Life Programs” in Poland and abroad.

Together with a priest, Jaroslaw Szymczak, she is an author of the book “You Only Live Once. Guide to Work-Life Balance”/”Raz się żyje. Przewodnik po work-life-balance”, which was published on March 1, 2016 by Rosikon Press. In May 2016 the book was awarded as “The best book in the spring of 2016” in the plebiscite of the publishing and readership portal